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Introduction of Indus Development Program (IDP)

Indus Development Program is a Rajanpur based organization governed by the Board of Directors.  The organization is currently working in the district Rajanpur and will expand its operation all over the Pakistan.

Indus Development Program (IDP) is an organization governed by the Board of Directors. The thematic areas are Social Mobilization, Micro Finance Microfinance, Sustainable livelihood, Gender Equality, Food Security, Education, Health& Hygiene Technical & Vocational Trainings, Emergency Response, and Advocacy.

The Organization has its office at Rajanpur being run by the competent and experienced staff headed by CEO. The Finance Section being backbone of the organization, finance team is well equipped using Talley (Software) to ensure transparency and accountability for the donors and self-implemented projects.


To empower the community through integrated participatory approach for an improved sustainable life


To enhance the poor’s life quality through behavioral change, information, training, advocacy and services.


  • To work for development of marginalized communities through ensuring basic education, primary health care, health hygiene awareness, food security, sustainable livelihoods,
  • Economic growth and gender equality and to minimize vulnerabilities and disaster risk for people and to provide sanitation and water supply and infrastructure to the needy
  • To promote education for under-privileged children, women and marginalized communities and combating poverty.
  • To work for promotion and protection of marginalized communities combating poverty.

Thematic Areas

  • Social Mobilization
  • Islamic Micro Finance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Technical & Vocational Trainings
  • Emergency Response
  • Advocacy
  1. Current Programs
  • Microfinance Agriculture program
  • Micro Finance Enterprise program
  • Education program